Land Surveyor Events for June 2020

Global events for Professional Land Surveyors around the planet can participate in from their local environment, job site or nearest benchmark. Use your best surveying photos to tell inspiring stories for the next generation of surveyors to learn from multiple perspectives. Experience. Educate. Evolve.

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Participants should be a member of Land Surveyors United Community. If you are not a member we can send you an invitation.

International Surveyors Week Made Possible by...

The following made International Surveyors Week and Survey Earth in a Day Possible and Free

What we hope to accomplish, together

Inspiring the Next Generation of Land Surveyors and Fostering Public Awareness

Narrowing the Age Gap in Land Surveying

It is no secret that there are more surveyors leaving the field than entering it. By sharing what you find to be exciting about land surveying, we can inspire the next generation of surveyors to enter land surveying careers.

Filling In the Knowledge Gap commonly found in the field

Today we have a situation where the older surveyors and those new to surveying have a difficult time communicating. By openly sharing experiences we can tackle the knowledge gap and help crews work more efficiently.

Expanding the Land Surveying Workforce Worldwide

Are you having a difficult time finding qualified talent at your company? We are all in this together! Showcasing your company during International Surveyors Week is a fantastic opportunity to gain some attention from qualified surveyors in need of work.

Every Surveyor Has At Least Two Opportunities

During ISW2020, you have a dedicated day for your location and Survey Earth in a Day to drive attention towards your shared experiences. Help the Surveying Profession EXPLODE With Connectivity, worldwide.


Step 1️⃣ - Introduce Yourself to Your Fellow Surveyors LocallyπŸ“

Find your local surveyors hub and start a new discussion inside it's dedicated forum. Introduce yourself and tell us about why you became a land surveyor and what you like most about the career. Share your best photos and videos showcasing the type of surveying you specialize in or enjoy the most. REMEMBER that both current surveyors and those possibly considering a surveying career will be tuned in.

πŸ“ Find Your Local Surveyor Hub

Step 2️⃣ - Log a Point πŸ“ During Survey Earth in a Day 9 🌐

You'll most likely already be out in the field surveying at Noon on June 21st. Find a local benchmark, set up your survey grade GNSS equipment and let it cook. Submit the point data to the community along with a couple of photos and/or video of your setup and tell us what you love most about being a land surveyor. You'll be amazed at how valuable this will be in the future. If you're a company owner looking for talent, tell us. If you are a student looking for a job, use this opportunity to drive attention to your resume.

Log Your Point June 20th @ Noon πŸ“

Step 3️⃣- Comment & Share Other's Experiences πŸ’­πŸ’¬πŸ—―οΈ

This is how we create the critical mass of attention and focus on Land Surveying Profession needed to attract future land surveyors to the industry. And for this reason, we have broken down the week into dedicated days for surveyors in all regions of the planet. Once you have posted your experiences, introductions, photos and videos, we will then promote them by curating them into collections for social media and compiling all of them into a book that everyone who participates will get a copy of.

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See what other land surveyors say about the community

I found this site on Facebook, and have enjoyed it ever since. Get to meet other surveyors , hear what they think of all types of equiptment and apps..great site for sharing all things "surveyor" . My wife and I both enjoy reading the stories and looking at the pictures..

– Ray Baland PLS β€” Professional Land Surveyor

Surveying since 1965, there has never been a better website for Surveyors to share their resources, find things and people, and help one another through tough times and to make Land Surveying better.

– Gary Breisch PLS β€” Retired Professional Land Surveyor

Land Surveyors United is by far the best website ever created for Land Surveyors. It has a comprehensive approach to the needs of young through experienced Land Surveyors. If you are searching for topics and information about Land Surveying there is no other place that comes close to matching the material, content and ease of structure that Land Surveyors United offers.

– Deward Bowles PLS β€” Professional Land Surveyor

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